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Find the right electronic part

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Last Update: 2023-10-28 22:26:35

At Components CSE we have high-quality information about electronic components. With more than 9 million electronic parts on Components CSE, we are certain that engineers, students, makers, DIY hackers, professionals, and OEMs will find the components they need for their projects here. Our aim is that you get the best user experience, and find what you’re actually looking for quickly at the best price from a distributor or manufacturer.

Our platform is linked through API web service to the product databases of various distributors, where it can search in parallel for components, prices, technical features and inventory availability in realtime to complement our historical data.

Search Tools at your disposal

Do you know the exact MPN (manufacturer part number) of the part you’re looking for? Great! Then you can easily find the best price on the market at Electronic Components CSE from our list of authorized and verified distributors and suppliers.

But if you’re on our search engine  to find new parts, we have developed some useful and simple functions to assist you find the exact component or product line for you.

Our resident engineers have created useful features that can help guide and assist you so that you are able to find the best bargains online whether it's for single projects, everyday purchases or if you want to take advantage of discounts on special sale days.

Today we will walk you through how to search on our comparison website and then how to use filters like preferred distributors, stock availability, filtering & sorting  among the product results.


Searching for an electronic part

If you’re on Electronic Components CSE to find a component the simplest thing to do is to use the search feature which you will find at the top of our home page. There you can search by part number (mpn), keywords and technical specification, to easily find what you are looking for.

When you enter a manufacturer part number or keywords into the search bar you will be shown a list of suggestions related to the words you just entered just like google or bing search engines. The suggestion can be great in helping to narrow down your component/part search and find what you are looking for more easily. In a nutshell, users can enter a manufacturer part number to compare stock availability and prices from hundreds of global electronics distributors on a single click.

Parts Search results on Components CSE 

Fig 1: Search example with predictive text making it easier to find parts e.g. FT232


Search by Category, Product Type or Manufacturer

If you, for example, are on the lookout for a capacitor, sensor, integrated circuit (ICs) or diode and you know the manufacturer part number (MPN) like bav99 and enter this in the search bar, you will get a list of different manufacturers related to bav99 diodes. You can then either choose to click any of the shown result options or also simply select “Search”, in this case you will be shown all relevant search options on our results compare page.

 Search on Components CSE

Fig 2: Search example by Product type, in this case 'diode'. Our algorithm will pulls results for categories 'diode' and manufacturers shaming the name 'diode' like Diode Inc


 You will also be able to see selected products related to your search. You can then either choose to click any of the shown options or also simply select “Search”, in this case you will be shown all relevant search options on an entire page instead of a drop down menu.


Filtering & Sorting

Filtering and sorting make it even simpler to find a part with the technical specifications that you want, no matter the category it falls under.

You can filter everything from distributor, manufacturer, availability (in stock or out of stock), or sort by lowest price. These features ensure that you only see the relevant electronic part from verified distributors and thereby makes it even easier for you to find the perfect product.

To help save valuable time and provide a more accurate part comparison, we also compare distributor minimum order quantities (MOQ) and lead times, with the option of filtering results to only display your desired quantity or stock matches. Simple!

 Filtering and sorting on Components CSE

 Fig 3: Filtering and sorting options (Stock availability, manufacturer & pricing)